Or for that matter, on being a sporting gal. Because is it not just so true that there are more and more gals playing sport these days. It is high time. Sport is not all about the money and the prestige. It should be about enjoying yourself amongst good friends. But you wonder though. Will the day ever come that you will see multi or unisex teams? Well, it has been done. Mixed doubles being played at Wimbledon, for instance.

And that’s tennis for those that did not know. So, how about this then. A mixed soccer team. Yes, that would be quite interesting, could even be exciting. Any decent Sporting Goods Store is unisexed in more ways than one, actually. Of course, it should go without saying that by now, the sporting goods’ clothing line offered by stores like Beaver Sports caters for both men and women. And boys and girls too, of course. Yes, even the actual sporting apparatus will reflect the difference in the sexes.

Take the matter of hockey sticks, baseball bats and even basketballs for instance. And yes, guys play hockey too, world championship and Olympic hockey, in actual fact. It is of course not the ice hockey we’re battering on about although you have to wonder. Why would the gals want to play that game? The way those guys knock each other to pieces, and just for the fun of it. Not out of anger or frustration.

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It has got to be one of the weirdest sporting traditions of all time. The differences in sporting equipment sizes have of course to do with the differences in size, height and weight of the men and women out there. And of course, the small boys and girls too. All attended to by both male and female sales clerks.